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Animal Astronaut Humor

  • Top Ten Animals Astronauts from
  • Panda Tai Shan in Space - on  More here.
  • Visit my Animal Astronauts galleries:  One and Two photo galleries on Flickr. 
  • A tribute to some animal astronauts.  A set of five drawings by Laura CB. 
  • There is a beautiful Roadrunner Astronaut print at BerekleyIllustraton Esty store.
  • Fun animal astronaut t-shirt from Threadless Tees. Design by Joseph Baum.

Design by MacNcheesedesign.

Prints and other products are available.

Cattle Empire Poster
Cattle Empire Poster by StiKtoonz
Browse for more wall art on Zazzle
Space Astronaut Walrus Dry-Erase Board
Space Astronaut Walrus Dry-Erase Board by RedOak
Look at Astronaut Dry Erase Boards online at

Mammal Astronauts

Sweet Dreams Teddy Bear on Moon

Tiger Astronaut

Space Giraffe
Designed and handmade with clay by Cactusoup crew.

Primates in Space

  • Gorillas in Space as seen on Splendid Marbles
  • Curious George photo. Did you know that the creator of Curious George also wrote the children's astronomy books 'Find the Constellations' and 'The Stars'.
  • Monkey in Space by Tina Druce-Hoffman
  • Cartoon by Aviv Or
  • First Ape to Walk on the Moon Declared Dead. Source:  The history bluff website
Space Monkey
© shibanuk -

Muppets in Space

In 2011 Elmo met NASA astronaut Mike Massimino

Photo by: Flickr ID: NASA HQ photo. Click here to learn more.
  • The Muppet Show
  • You know wolves howl at the moon. Did you know they have been into space. Here is proof.
  • The game Muppets on the Moon has a cute drawing of astronaut Kermit.
  • Click here for a photo of Elmo in an astronaut suit.

Mouse and Rat Astronauts


Cute design available from Cafe Press Babymouse Store.

Learn about the Space Mouse in a wikipedia article.

Cat and Mouse in space. On XDA Wallpapapers website.

Click here to see Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Pluto in space.

Mickey Mouse inSpace Suit
© Jiawangkun -

Space Station Rat

This 2005 book by Michael J. Daley is for children but I enjoyed it. The story involves a lavender lab rat that gets sent out to space by mistake and befriends a lonely boy. The boy is on a space station with his parents who are too busy to spend much time with him. Learn more on author's website.The sequel is 'Rat Trap' (2008).


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The sequel is Rat Trap (2008)

Spotnik the Atomic Wonder Dog


Created in 2008 by Tina Kugler on commission for Rahr-West Art Museum in Manitowoc.

Tina has an illustration blog from which you can link to her Flickr website. Flickr ID:  tina kugler

She also several posters Sputnikfest, an annual festival in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

It's a "wacky tacky" space-themed festival to commemorate debris from Sputnik IV falling in Manitowoc in 1962. 

Click here for more information about the festival. 

Click here to see Tina's 2009 Sputnikfest poster and here for 2011 poster.

Click here for my other page on Dogs in Space




Belka and Strelka graffiti space dogs, Kharkov, 2008 - Source:  Wikimedia Commons (V. Vizu)

As reported in Freaking News

Birds in Space

Spacewalk Chickie postcard
Spacewalk Chickie postcard by ankewehner
Look at other Cute Postcards at

Reptile Astronauts

 This is one of many images available at no charge at
Astronaut Crocodile