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Astronaut Clothing Humor

Funny Space Suits

Hawaiian Spacesuit

The well dressed astronaut also has a Space Purse

Astronaut costumes for adults and children available from Moon Costumes.

Here is a photo of a storm trooper wearing the wrong suit.

What do astronauts put on their beds?  
Astronaut Quilts

Smoke:  a cartoon with an unusual use of an astronaut helmet by Jaroslaw Wojtasinski from Poland

Astronaut Shoes

Space is Fun

The right shoe has an "Earth Space" theme and the left shoe has an "Odd space" theme. The creator of these shoes and the photo has a Flickr page. Click here to visit.

Photo used with permission. Great Shirt Designs!!!

Outfit Fun

Click here for a photo of a Neil Armstrong in a space suit. It is a vintage Italian blown glass ornament.

Click here for astronaut suit images you can purchase.

For kids: play NASA's "dress me for space" game! This interactive game teaches about the clothing an astronaut needs to survive in space!
Cartoon Astronauts
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