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Astronomer Humor

  • Astronomers Discover Dark Matter and warn us not to step in it.

  • Find out how romantic radio astronomy can be in a cartoon by Mark Heath.

  • AstroGnome by Munguia from Costa Rica. On ToonPool website.

  • Star Gazer Cartoons -  Illustrated by Rich Harrington and text by Jack Foley Horkheimer and Stephen James O'Meara. Click here.

  • The Hubble Constant by Nick Kim on his Nearing Zero website.

  • Find out why astronomers are badasses on quickdraw website.

  • A Baby Blues comic strip about why kids might want to be astronomers.

Alien Astronomers and an Astronaut

by Bobby Ousternaus, a friend who created this for this website

 My Hobby is Astrophotography - created by Robert Fitzgerald, Raleigh Astronomy Club Imaging Group (co-founder)

Children Astronomers
by shibanuk -

Astronomer Wants a Blond
by grivina -
Website has lots more astronomer images

Astronomer Antics


Astronomical Animals

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Song About Galileo

'Shoulders of Giants'- Music and Lyrics by Padi Boyd

Change Your Perspective
- Spend a Night Outdoors
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Astronomer Jokes

Astronomer #1: So anyway the cop pulls me over and asks if I realized that I had just run a red light. So I said that I did not see the light as being red, because it must have blue-shifted as I was approaching it.

Astronomer #2: And he let you go?
Astronomer #1: No. He gave me a speeding ticket instead.

Gifts for Astronomers

Articles from The Onion

Stargazing Tips (2001)

Hummel Space Telescope (1997

Horkheimer Hospitalized (1997)

Art show in China. Photo by Cristina

Being an Astronomer is Dangerous

Bunny eating an astronomer

Bill Reid (a metal artist residing in Wisconsin, USA).  Website is

Creative Commons License via Wikimedia Commons from Wikimedia Commons 

More Fun

Attilla Danka has transscribed the Monty Python sketch 'The Four Yorkshiremen' into the language of amateur astronomers. He calls the result 'The Four Observers.'

Astronomer Crossing
Photo by Brian Herzog. Flickr ID: herzogbr
Creative Commons License


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Patrick Moore plays the Xylophone