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Cats in Space Images - from website:  Solution 9 - Social Web Research

Why do cats go to space?
To get to the mouse on the moon. See picture below.
Christmas Mouse and Moon
© Tatyana Okhitina |
Super Space Cat
by Artist Heejae Jung from Seoul.
Flickr ID:  heeJ77
Creative Commons License
Space Cats Mural
A mural by in Esquimalt, BC
Photo by Alejandro Erickson (Flickr ID: same)
Creative Commons License
Black Cats
© Antonuk |
Boris in Space
 photo by Andrew (Flickr ID:  polandeze)
Creative Commons License
Cats in Space
by Flickr ID:  WF&DT
Creative Commons License
Dreaming Cat
© Oxana Reshetnyova |
I have two galleries of Cats in Space photos.  Gallery 1 and Gallery 2  on my Flickr website.

Only the French have sent cats to space - Felix and Felicette.
Click here to learn more.

OMG Cats in Space. Click here to go to a fun tumblr blog.


Crazy Cats

Microsoft clip art
Photo by Flickr ID: anomalous4
Creative Commons License
Space Cat
© Nomadu |
Cat Playing_eps
© Photographer: Dtvector | Agency:

Cat in Space

istockphoto by CatNapper

Cat in the Moon Greeting Card
© Celia Maria Ribeiro Ascenso Inacio  |

Cats are Popular

According to Wired magazine, On the internet, " .. one thing competes with porn, and that is cats."

Click here for 2012 article by By Gideon Lewis-Kraus.

The Cat's Eye Nebula
A planetary nebular in the constellation of Draco.
NASA & ESA image from Wikimedia Commons


Robot: "Soviet, space, cat by Joe Alterio

Flickr ID: Joealterio - Creative Commons License

His website:

Dangerous Cat From Space
The Boy is Looking in a Telescope (original title)
© Den0909 |

Cat in Space

© Blackvaya |

Black Cat
© Relato |
Click here for a great illustration of a Cat enjoying a Starry Night.

Astronaut cats and stars poster
Astronaut cats and stars poster by prophoto
Browse for more wall art on Zazzle

Curious Cat Astronauts

Leaping Cat
© Xochicalco |

Star Cat
© Rimmolki  |

Astronaut Cat

© All Rights Reserved - Used with permission

He has other cat drawings on his Flickr site.

He also has an Etsy store.

I have more cat astronaut humor in my three e-books.Click here to learn more.