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Dark Side of the Moon Humor

The moon tells his date "you knew I had a dark side." Click here to view cartoon by Mark Heath.
He has a website:

See the moon behaving badly in a cartoon by James True. 

Click here an article in The Onion titled 'We will have a mass shooting on the moon by 2055'.

Click here for two dark side of the moon cartoons a cartoon called 'The dark side of the id'.
You know you're getting old when there are anniversary's for things you love in art and culture. For example, 2013  is the 40th anniversary of the album 'Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd. Chris Williams wrote an article for Stop the Presses titled 'Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’: 40 Years Later, 40 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Mad Classic.'  In that article, I learned that the band spend just three minutes deciding on the album cover. Click here to read the full article.

© Munguia - a cartoonist from Costa Rica

The album cover (by Hipgnosis and George Hardiehas) has inspired many variations, some astronomical and some not. On the left is one  I purchased from toonpool; it is no longer for sale there.

This is not a humor book but is humorous and uses a comic format. The subtitle is 'Exposing the myths of science denial'. The first chapter is 'The Moon Hoax.'
Dark Side of the Moon documentary
Did the US government have a plan to make a film to fake the moon landing if it didn't work? I don't know and haven't see this movie. 
Click here to read about the movie and to watch it free online.

One false rumor was that Stanley Kubrick was hired to film a fake moon landing.

A 1997 movie 'Wag the Dog' has a similar theme. "Just days before a presidential election, a Washington, D.C. spin doctor (De Niro), distracts the electorate from a sex scandal by hiring a Hollywood film producer (Hoffman) to construct a fake war with Albania."
Quote from Wikipedia

I have seen this movie and enjoyed it.
Man on the Moon
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