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Astronomy Humor Books available on Kindle

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Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait
A Spaced-Out Quiz
Do you remember the first space flights in the 1960's? Wow, you're old! No matter, relive the excitement again, or learn a little history with this entertaining quiz! (Humor Quiz/840 words)

NASA Toons 1 book of cartoons by Terry Wagner.

Print version available from Terry for $4.00 on his Mental Diversions website. Kindle version 99 cents.

Space Shuttle Composite Pictures by Luming Marr
77 composite pictures created by using Adobe Photoshop by Luming Marr for $1.99
The Extraterrestrial Times, The Collections and Art of Francis Ekis.

Books for Children

Out of This World Jokes about the Solar System: Laugh and Learn about Science (Super Silly Science Jokes) (2012) by Melissa Stewart and Gerald Kelley

101 Space Jokes for Kids by Phineas T. Gildersleeve

Angry Birds in Space by Amy Briggs