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Astronomy Movies

Planet 51 Trailer

The main character runs a planetarium.

Fly Me to The Moon

This movie, set in 1969, is about flies who want to go to the moon.

Pixar Buzz Lightyear Doll

Buzz is character in three Toy Story movies. I loved these movies.

Retro Science Fiction Movies

Keep Watching the Skies American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties, The 21st Century Edition (2011) by Bill Warren.

Bill has written the definitive book with lots of photos. Few of these movies were meant to be funny, but many are unintentionally humorous.

The title of this book is a quote from the 1951 film ' The Thing from another world.'

Many films in the 1950s depict conflict from alien species and human exploring the solar system.

Lots of retro sci fiction movies are available to watch on the internet. You can also find trailers for these movies on YouTube. 

Mutant Swinger from Mars

Parody of science fiction trailers with an Orson Wells type director. Made for Screamfest LA 2009.


2001:  A Space Odyssey

I enjoy the political cartoons of Cameron Cardow who publishes in The Ottowa Citizen. His Monolith cartoon is a homage to 2001.

2001 Space Odyssey Auditions cartoon - Click here to view.


Monolith Wrapper by Todd Ehlers (Flickr ID)

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