Astronomy, Astronaut & Alien Humor 

Billions of  Smiles

Astronomy, Astronaut and Alien Humor  e-book

A colorful collection of galactic giggles. 

800 colorful pages - a great gift for any occasion. 

Book in in PDF format and includes:
• jokes and puns
• quotations and stories
• photographs, cartoons, art and drawings
• strange but true facts
• movie titles and plots

Book is divided into sections including:  

  • alien antics
  • sun silliness
  • moon merriment, 
  • astronaut humor
  • animals in space, 
  • Earth and  Earth Day humor,
  • space ship and rocket humor
  • space tourism
  • mars merriment, UFO humor,
  • love in space,
  • child astronauts
  • solar system silliness.

Why buy my book?

If cost money to create a website and book. For example, buying images, graphics and cartoons. There is also costs involved with  web hosting.

Buy my books and keep an Alaskan woman warm this winter.