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What is a planetarium?

A place where they grow plants.

Cartoon by Bearman Cartoons. His website is

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“All seats provide equal viewing of the universe. ”
~ Museum Guide Hayden Planetarium

Now children, this is a planetarium, not a Bangkok brothel, behave.
~ Mr Garrison in an episode of South Park.

The soul without imagination is what an observatory would be without a telescope.
~ Henry Ward Beecher


Zippy Creation

Planetarium Fun

Observatory Fun

Funny page about the repair of the Wild Haven Observatory.
My husband Steve worked at the Medford, OR high school planetarium when he was a teenager. It is still has an active school program. Here are two photos I took there.

Created by a class after a visit to the planetarium in


Planetarium Fun

Why do Ladies need their own planetarium office?

  • Because women are from Venus and men are from Mars?
  • Because if the ladies run the planetarium things will get done.
  • Because, due to budget cuts, the ladies room is the Planetarium office.

Creative Commons License:  Flickr ID: EAWB

Sign in a planetarium

Photo by Chris Fenwick (Flickr ID:  fenwic89fd) Used with permission.

Chris wrote "I know the "LOOK" is supposed to mean "look up", but those eyes just look like boobs to my 8th grade sense of humor."

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Sign by Jonathon and Pam Turlove. 
Created for Michael Orelove who had a simple observatory at his home in Juneau, Alaska. Photo in by Cristina.