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Solar System Humor

  • Clyde Tombaugh's commandments for planet hunters - 1989

  • Click here to find out why come our Solar System has such a generic name.

  • Planet Personalities:  The distinctive personalities of the planets as expressed in the style of contemporary business or community webpages - created by Robert Lander.

  • The Planet Collector - a creation by Dan Ridley-Ellis. His Flickr ID is Dan (aka firrs)

  • Cick here to find out who babysits the Solar System - a cartoon by the Awkward Yeti.

  • Click here to see who cares for the pets of the Solar System - another cartoon by the Awkward Yeti.

A Beautiful Solar System

MiniVerse - Solar System Bracelet 

For sale on Chain of Being Etsy shop.

Interview with Planetary Society's Emily Lakdawalla

Solar System Necklace

For sale on Chain of Being Etsy shop run by Laura and Jeremy in Alameda, CA. Interview with Planetary Society's Emily Lakdawalla.

Solar System Silliness

 I have two Solar System humor galleries on  Flickr:  gallery one and gallery gallery two

Planetdoku is a solvable sudoku made with planetary signs.

Solar System LP
art print by Ramses Pujol. On his society6 page. This is funny only if you remember what an LP is.

Wish You Were Here Cards

Send a free e-card from various planets. On Bill Nye's website.

Learn some astronomy history from this art print: Astronomy 101 by Budi Satria Kwan.  On his society6 page.

Space Party Birthday Invitation
Space Party Birthday Invitation by DreamsInc
View other Planet Invitations at
Solar System Funny Planets Pillow
Solar System Funny Planets Pillow by zlatkocro
Look at more Space Pillows at zazzle

Planetary Park Posters

Tyler Nordgren, author of 'Stars Above, Earth Below: Guide to Astronomy in America's National Parks', designed "U.N. Department of the Exterior Planetary Park" posters in the style of the iconic 1930s WPA posters for America's National Parks. Available from his website.

Create Your Own Planet

Over 12,000 photos in this on a Flickr group.

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell."

~ Aldous Huxley

Space Alphabet fabric by Jennifer Wambach.

Solar System made of felt.

Here is a photo of solar system cupcake

by Fritz Ahlefeldt. His website: He has lots of environmental drawings most of which he allows others to use.

Holst's The Planets

Two posters by Isabella Bugayong for shows at the Marie Drake Planetarium in Juneau, Alaska


Heliocentrism Day is celebrated on February 17th which is between the birthdays of Galileo (15th) and Copernicus (19th).

Here is a photo of cupcakes made to celebrate this day.

More Planet Silliness

The Sun and His Family; The Great Planets That Travel Through Space Forever

The planets are portrayed as people racing around the Sun.


 Trains to the Stars


When this illustration was made, trains were the fastest means of transportation

  Source:  "The Book of Knowledge'  (published by Arthur Mee in 1912 - click here to learn more).

Photos by Fiona (Flickr ID:  WildVintage)

Videos for Children

The planets play music on an imaginary huge piano.

Count the Planets Learning Song