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Star (Burst)
by Heman Chong (2005)
Self adhesive stickers applied directly to the wall


The Stars are suspended on strings that are pulled up in the daytime and let down at night.

- Babylonian Mythology, 3000 B.C.

The stars are golden fruit upon a tree. All out of reach.

~ George Eliot,

These blessed candles of the night.

~ William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Intergalactic Journey on the Stars
© Danilo Sanino |

Stupendous Stars

Smiling Gold Christmas Stars
© Madartists | (no longer available)
Recycled Star Tee Shirt
Recycled Star Tee Shirt by stevesm2010
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3d starfish
© Photographer: Gary Nicolson | Agency:
Star ride
© Photographer:

Wish For The Stars

Wish for the Stars removable vinyl art wall decals


 Shooting Stars

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Family of Stars
© Carla F. Castagno. |

Starry Explosion Design
© Domen Colja S.p. |

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Sydney Observatory - my 2012 photo