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Star Wars Humor

I'm amazed by the abundance of Star Wars products and humor.
Here is a sampling of things that tickled my fancy.

Taking the World by a Storm

Pink Storm Cloud
JD describes this as "The softer side of the Empire."
Two photos above by the talented JD Hancock. His website: - Creative Commons License
He has a Stormtroopers series of photos. Click here to visit it.

Alexander Wilson has 365 days of Stormtroopers Antics and other Star Wars galleries on Alexander Wilson's Flickr site.

Two articles from The Onion
  • Clinton Takes Leave Of Office To Stand In Line For Star Wars: Episode I - From The Onion (1999)
  • Star Wars Fever (1997)

What was the name of Darth Vader's other daughter?

Ella Vator.

What kind of Star Wars toy can you ride? 

A Toy-Yoda

Freaking News Articles

Source: Scott Tauber (Website: The Book of Scott)

Flickr ID:  scomedy - Creative Commons License

Star Wars Puns

Several folks in the Skywalker clan
Took Luke's sister away 'cause the plan
Was don't let Vader know
He has daughter, and so
She was hid on the Leia-way plan.

~ Kirk Miller, Nov. 2013

From Puns of the Day group - used with permission

Star Wars Silliness

Star Wars Jedi Knight  - Grant Wood American Gothic Parody


ParodiesLost shop - Where High Art and Popular Culture Collide

The print above is available from the ParodiesLost Etsy shop (used to be called WearWords)

Star Wars Products from NeatoShop