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Telescope Humor

  • Telescope Boners - On Chicago Astronomer website
  • Here is a clever telescope design called Discover Yourself by Lim Hemm Swee aka I Love Doodle. He's a talented illustrator and graphic designer.
  • Hubble Space Flower Pot
  • The Hubble telescope works fine; all that stuff really is blurry!

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Telescope and Bird Tees
Telescope and Bird Tees by octopus08
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Star Geezer T Shirt
Star Geezer T Shirt by keendesigns
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Hubble News from The Onion

  • Hubble space telescope finds men from Venus and women from Mars.
  • Hubble kaleidoscope finds evidence of space looking all crazy
  • Hubble-space-telescope destroyed by Spielberg-Gates fortress.
  • New hubble peephole can see into women,s showers.

Telescope Advice

What advice did Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt give to astronomers?

"Speak softly and carry a big telescope."

Telescope 5/6

2001 creation by artist German Gaussm lives in

San Carlos de Bariloche.Flickr ID: GerGauss. He also has a website.

Creative Commons License and used with permission.

Wrong way
© Photographer: Gina Smith | Agency:
Jake - UR doing it wrong.
Photo by Flickr ID:  perry g
Creative Commons License
Boy Looking in Telescope
Clerk007 -

Habitable Zone
Cartoon Randall Munroe who has a physics degree.
His website: He also has web store.
Creative Commons License

Merry Christmas

© Elenamir |

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